The Box of Chocolates

I normally only post text but I’m moving next year and need to start selling some of my fashion, so here are the details about some of my rarely worn clothes. Msg for more info/pics.

Black Lace Tee
H&M size xsmall

Gold Sequin Mini Skirt
Wet Seal size small

Black Tiger Sequin Mini Skirt
Wet Seal size small

Yellow Blouse
BCX size small

Silk Bow Shirt
Forever 21 size small

I’ll do payment via GoogleWallet or Paypal if you insist. All prices include shipping within the US and I’ll knock a dollar off for every 2 things you get to the same address!

Killing Time, Murdering Sleep

far away shadows might move faster than light so I, their caster, might too
beat time
surcease success on this bank and shoal
and on the shore of the lake
in the wood heated water
the Milky Way was no bigger than the wasp bite on my wrist
and no smaller than the Appalachian Trail.
I will trammel up adventure,
we were not meant to live quiet sleeping lives
caged in time.
I know that families do not exist but if I had one this would be it.
And if I fly to Europe, fall in love, hike the Appalachian Trail,
if I study performance art in Paris,
if my heart were breaking over my last dime,
I would still call this home
even if tangled roots on the bank trammel up the consequences.
Tie me down and stretch time out.
I would take the small mountains,
hungry skin and decadent academics
of people who love the people I love.


1) Shadows- do they still follow their casters in the night? Anyone’s shadow might own the world- nocturnal dictators.

2) My teeth get dirty first and can’t take a shower. Also I have a phobia of toothpaste spit.

3) I nanny children and am only sometimes harshly reminded that I am not one.

Suspend Cœur

I fell in love with a French boy

the way you believe in a carnival haunted house

or slide your fingers off the brakes as you roll to a red light-

smooth roads tickle indulgent adrenaline.

But not all drivers look both ways.

Fairy tales don’t strike me as false,

actors aren’t lying when they get into costume.

Like the gentle rapture of a well-written book,

I fold under my pillow,

whisper my secret in French to my lips and my imagination,

suspended in luxurious memories

of a French boy who made me breakfast

and smiled when I found him in the World Cup crowd.

Great feats for low stakes.

I gave up trying to weigh and measure kindnesses

pressed into my carry on luggage, already skirting weight limits.

Certain stories I illustrate, return on post cards like library books,

only to find again- rechecked out by mistake?

Little butterflies of disbelief.

Goodbye, Anna

I love you in the way

your boyfriend is moving to California for you

and I would never have moved to Spain if you had stayed.

I will never break pieces of my heart

to feed to post cards in Paris.

I will never grow inside of and next to anything precarious;

disentangling is not for me.

We sorted out the refrigerator magnets,

I gave you my duffel bag.

You took your printer to your parent’s house,

I emailed your mom.

I crawled into your bed,

we talked about whether everything would fit in the car,

how heavy your suitcases were.

Not the bikes rusting in the basement,

not the full cans of spray paint,

not that we will never live together again.

The last thing you said to me was

"I have so many feelings I can’t feel,"

Later, at the airport, you held my arm like it would keep you from embarrassing tears.

I said “me too,” and we went to sleep.

Not Speaking English

Paris taught me how to be melancholy in the city and Madrid taught me to be alone in the summer.

I thought about pretending to be lost and asking for directions in Spanish, but I didn’t want to seem like a gringa so I kept walking.

Now, sitting by the Singing Fountain on East Passyunk in Philadelphia -which my phone still spells with an F-

I regret not saying hola instead of hi when guy on the corner said hello.

They might have stopped me to ask if I spoke Spanish and we might have had a conversation and I might have spoken to a human today.

I count my dollars to see if I have enough for a margarita at Stoagie Joe’s which

I do but I don’t have enough for a good tip and I was walking anyway because the girl I babysit told me I have huge thighs.

So I sit down to write by the fountain and wish I still had the excuse that I don’t speak the right language for being alone.

El Que No Apoya, No Folla

Madrid is good-to-be-back like sun after London

and my tongue after Paris.

Last night the Chilean at the bar said in Spanish I could understand like fireworks,

Santiago is my mother but Madrid is my lover

and would I say the same thing and about where?

The tickle of the sand, the loud, sweaty dark that sunrise follows of Barcelona

nibble my skin and brush my future like a fling.

And Madrid is kindred spirits in the walking of a city.

I would say I fell in love but

I like to say I am a rebel

and las catalunyas son muy pesadas

is the opinion of Madrid

and while, like the French, I am indignant and artistic

the simple smiles of a single language and being happy if dissatisfied

looks more like me.

What a mystery to be understood!

Maybe I will agree we are all the same now 

and I will hop language barriers like not paying my fare on the metro.

Friendly, II

Madrid waiting, finally alone,

for an invitation to not.

A baby asked what I was doing so I told her writing in nervous Spanish

and her mother said “see you later”

without naming the language and I felt

Spain is friendly.

Twenty-two and a turtle backpacker

I took the night bus back to London

where before I had written you a postcard about Shakespeare’s grave at the bus stop in Stratford

trying to offer the cold sunny cemetery

and the doves on the cancel

life on the front of card stock.

It’s raining in London like it never rained in Paris

and I feel odd to write on the steps of a building

it’s glass and steal and I’m a turtle or dog poop or a butter churn,

familiar to writing at home where

in Paris, on stone and gold leaf

I felt like a statue or a pigeon

because the poverty of a backpack

has recalled poetry for centuries.

Anyway, I’m in London now.

Passport Control

Arriving in London was the same as arriving in Paris,

except the wait was longer,

my sunburn had started to itch,

and it rained a little less.

I didn’t know about the ferry until I was on it at 4 in the morning,

the memory still tastes like cold cheese sandwiches,

and the money and the time also changed on board.

I went to the Thames looking for the Seine.

It wasn’t as old but I remembered older things about it

so I was surprised by London Bridge.